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On this site you will learn about the price of the drug Fosidal in the available packages, and the quantities found in pharmacies.
You will learn about possible refunds the NFZ and what is the price of the drug. Also remember to check replacement for Fosidal because they may be cheaper. Make sure the, that you buy in a Pharmacy Drugs, which really need.

Before purchasing medicine ask your pharmacist or doctor.
The prices of medicines placed on our site are poglądowymi and can differ from the prices in Your Pharmacy.
Fosidal is used for ailments such as: Bronchial Dychawica , The flu called unidentified virus , Flu virus identified called , Other chronic lung disease keys , Other diseases of upper respiratory tract , Other diseases of upper respiratory tract , Other diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses , Vasomotor and successfully reducing they allergic inflammation (the lining) the nose , Unspecified acute lower respiratory infection ,

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