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Price Septosan

Septosan is not refundowanym by NFZ.
Its price depends on the dose of. It is available in doses of:

  • (1 (g) 0,5 (g) 0,5 (g))/sasz.

Septosan at a dose of (1 (g) 0,5 (g) 0,5 (g))/sasz. of the active substance.

  • 8.21PLN for 20 sasz. 2 (g)herbal blend for without refund, on 100%.
    Then price:
        – one herbal blend for is approximately 0.41PLN
        – one unit of active substance is about 0.00PLN
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    Application and Septosan components

    The main components of this Septosan: The drug without a prescription, Peppermint extract, Extract of thyme, Extract from Willow,

    Septosan is used in the case of:

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